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Dove Management, Hunting and Agricultural Practices in Georgia

Legal Dove Hunting Tips

Fields planted in crops that continually supply mature grain are most attractive to doves. Planting multiple crops with varying planting dates well ahead of dove season will ensure a supply of seed prior to and throughout dove hunting season. Start manipulation of crops as they mature and continue throughout the summer and the dove season. For late season dove hunting, leave portions of crops standing until late fall and winter. These standing crops will also provide places for hunter concealment during the early dove season. Most successful crops for attracting doves in Georgia include browntop millet, dove proso millet, sunflowers, corn, and grain sorghum. Contact your local WRD Game Management or Law Enforcement regional office for more information on proper and legal field management for dove hunting.

For proper field planting, check the following chart for seed maturation times:


Days to Mature

Brown Top Millet


Dove Proso Millet






Grain Sorghum



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