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Important! --  End User Refresh Master Report (updated on or about the first of each month; the date is on the first tab, in Cell A1) - Search for your Computer Name (this is not your Make and Model click here if you don't know how to find your Computer Name OR Green Asset Tag number to find out when your computer will be refreshed. If you can't find your computer in this report, then Dell does not know your computer exists.  (See The Get Info.exe Application article for an explanation.) If you aren't listed, you MUST download and fill out the Manual Validation Spreadsheet -- completely, leave NO blanks. If you need your Site Code, you can look it up on the DNR Site Code spreadsheet.


Submitting your completed Manual Validation Spreadsheet: If you are in EPD, send your completed form to . All other Division personnel, send your completed form to Robin Freeman to have your computer included in Dell's records for refresh. Otherwise, you will NOT get a replacement computer.

       Updated!New Office 365 Transition and Training Information

Important! -- List of Division Personnel Who Can Place and Approve Orders in Order Now!

Important! -- GETS Services Guide

Important! -- List of Division Superusers

Important! --  Superuser Responsibilities

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