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Deer Herd Management for Georgia Hunters

Deer Herd Management for Georgia Hunters

An Adobe pdf file of this information is available - click here.

Every deer hunter wants to have a high population of deer with a large number of quality bucks. Unfortunately, even with the best management, it is difficult to have both large numbers of deer and a lot of older, large-antlered bucks. However, there are some techniques and management approaches which allow for a very satisfactory deer management compromise. Wildlife biologists agree that there are two basic ways for hunters to manage their deer populations: harvest management and habitat management. This brochure concentrates on techniques for hunters to use for harvest management, and briefly discusses habitat management. In some areas of Georgia, deer harvest management is lacking because disproportionate numbers of bucks and does are harvested each year. This skewed harvest can lead to temporarily high deer populations in poor condition, out-of-balance sex ratios with too many does, poor antler development and few quality bucks. Conversely, hunt clubs that place total emphasis on quality buck management sometimes fail to allow enough harvest to maintain hunter satisfaction within the club. The management advice in this booklet is meant to assist Georgia hunters in recognizing harvest strategies and implementing these strategies to provide excellent habitat, deer herds and hunting. Georgia's liberal bag limits and abundance of either sex hunting days are specifically designed to allow deer hunters flexibility to manage deer populations to reach virtually any objective they desire for the deer herd.

Additional management information and advice is available from wildlife biologists of the Wildlife Resources Division by contacting the region office closest to hunting property (see below). First, a little information on basic deer biology is in order.

WRD - Game Management Regions

Game Management Offices
Region I Armuchee (706) 295-6041
Region II Gainesville (770) 535-5700
Region III Thomson (706) 595-4222
Region III Thomson (Augusta) (706) 667-4672
Region IV Fort Valley (478) 825-6354
Region V Albany (229) 430-4254
Region VI Fitzgerald (229) 426-5267
Region VII Brunswick (912) 262-3173
* Headquarters (770) 918-6416

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