HR Standard Operating Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures are a set of specific Human Resource procedures, based on laws, State Personnel Board Rules, regulations, guidelines, etc. to be followed in carrying out Human Resource processes. All current SOPs are listed below and are updated periodically. For additional guidance refer to the 'Directives' section of the HR Intranet.


Human Resources Policy Statement  PDF file

HR000 - Table of Contents

HR001 -  Family and Medical Leave (FML)

HR002  -  Secondary Employment 

HR003  -  Employment of Family Members/Special Relationships 

HR004-A  -  Filling a Vacant Full-Time Position

HR004-B  -  Filling a Vacant Part-Time Position

HR004-C - Verification of the Right to Work in the United States

HR005  -  Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

HR006  -  Donated Leave

HR007  -  Alternative Work Schedules

HR008  -  Telework 

HR009  -  Retention and Disclosure of Personnel Records 

HR010  -  Under Water Dive Pay Supplement

HR011  -  Equal Employment Opportunity

HR011-A - Americans with Disabilities Act and the American with Disabilities Act Amended

HR012  -  Drug Testing Program 

HR013 -  Internships (Paid and Unpaid)

HR014  -  Alcohol Testing Program

HR015 - Harassment 

HR016 - Bulletin Boards

HR017 - Criteria-Based Adjustment - State Financial Management Training Program

HR018 - Appropriate Use of Social Media Networks

HR019-A - Work Period, Work Time, Overtime and Compensatory Time 

HR019-B - Time and Leave Keeping

HR019-C - Sick Leave

HR019-D - Annual Leave

HR019-E - Leave Without Pay

HR019-F Event/Ceremony Attendance

HR019-G - Military Leave

HR019-H - Education Support Leave

HR019-I - Personal Leave

HR019-J - Administrative Leave

HR020 - Employee Complaint Resolution

HR021 - Workers' Compensation

HR021-A - Workplace Safety

HR022 - Handgun Carry

HR022-A - Handgun Carry Variance - EPD

HR023 - Performance Management

HR024 - Employee Discipline

HR025 - Employee Conduct

HR026 - Internal Investigations

HR027 - Department Owned Housing 

HR028 - Return-to-Work