Charitable Contribution Deduction

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The charitable contribution deduction is taken in the form of a conservation easement, and enables the owner of a “certified historic structure” to receive a one-time tax deduction. A conservation easement ensures the preservation of a building’s facade by restricting the right to alter its appearance. Qualified professionals should be consulted on the matters of easement valuations and the tax consequences of their donation.

To be eligible for the charitable contribution deduction, a property must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building within a historic district. If located in a National Register Historic District, a Part 1 must be submitted to HPD for review and certification by NPS.

Upon request, HPD will offer technical assistance to rehabilitation tax projects either by meeting with individuals at HPD, or on-site to discuss specific rehab issues. HPD encourages early communication with the office.

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Additional Resources

  • NPS Technical Preservation Services - Technical Preservation Services (TPS) is the division of the National Park Service that reviews all Federal Rehabilitation historic preservation tax credit applications. The TPS web site provides all the information one may need to apply for and learn about the program regulations and guidelines; including internal links to certification applications, IRS information, the Secretary of Interior's Standards, and the Preservation Briefs.
  • Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation - The guiding principles used to evaluate rehabilitation projects submitted to HPD and the NPS for review and certification. The National Park Service's website provides a web-based version with illustrated guidance.
  • Preservation Briefs - The National Park Service has developed a series of publications that address specific rehabilitation issues and the proper rehabilitation methods that should be applied.
  • NPS Technical Preservation Services Online Training - Technical Preservation Services (TPS) has created web-based training features to provide professional development alternatives and enrichment programs for professional preservationists, local preservation commissions, volunteers, and anyone interested in more in-depth training in historic preservation.
  • IRS Information - Want to know how the Federal historic tax credit program will affect your taxes? Click here to learn more about the rules and regulations promulgated by the IRS. This includes information on how these credits affect minimum income tax requirements and passive income.
  • Photo Documentation of Historic Properties - Learn the proper techniques and guidelines for taking photographs of historic buildings for the tax incentive programs.


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Who to contact:

Molly McLamb, Tax Incentives Architectural Reviewer and Specialist, 770-389-7847

Rachel Rice, Tax Incentives Program Coordinator, 770-389-7849