New "News" to Know: Georgia Wildlife Resources Division

Social Circle, Ga
Monday, July 3, 2017 - 15:15



Several recent changes, including a new website and license structure, might have outdoor recreation-loving folks looking for information from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD). No need for alarm, we can help!

Some of the major changes you will find, include:

  • New Website: Don’t worry! You can still find our website at However, once you get there, we hope you will appreciate the new look and the easier access to information you may be seeking. This new site also is more mobile-friendly. One word of advice: if you have bookmarked any webpages from the previous version of our website for your personal or business use, you may want to check the link – it is likely that it has changed and you will need to re-link or re-bookmark it.
  • License Changes - Simplification: The following licenses are no longer offered OR are now included in the cost of a different license: Wildlife Management Area license, GORP, Alligator Hunting license, Deer-Dog license, H.I.P. license, and Waterfowl Conservation license.
  • License Changes – Increase in Fees: In an effort to make Georgia license fees on par with other Southeastern states, there have been some increases to licenses. This is something that has not happened since 1992! However, in many cases you are getting more for your money. For example, an annual resident hunting OR fishing license is $15. In addition to providing you hunting and/or fishing privileges, it also now provides you access to wildlife management areas and public fishing areas. Previously, you had to purchase a hunting ($10) or a fishing license ($9) AND a wildlife management area license ($19) to access these areas.
  • NEW Youth Sportsman’s License: This $15 multi-year license is for resident hunters, between the ages of 12-15. The license is good through their 17th birthday, giving them a full year of sportsman’s license privileges (a $70 value and a free “hard card”) after reaching age 16 (the first year they are required to be licensed). Note: The youth must complete hunter education in order to hunt without supervision, or to hunt after their 16th birthday under this license.
  • License Changes – Waterfowl License: Replacing the Waterfowl Conservation License and free H.I.P. license is the new Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Stamp ($5 for resident and non-resident). IF you are hunting migratory birds on your own property, or have a Sportsman’s, Lifetime, Disability or Honorary license, there is no cost to add it.
  • Regulation Books: If you have a copy of the 2017 Georgia Fishing Regulations or the 2016-17 Georgia Hunting Regulations, please note that the license types/prices or requirements have likely changed. Visit for the most current and correct license information.


To view the new Georgia WRD website, visit For more information on license changes, visit