New and Renovated Ramps Provide Better Access to Popular Waterways

Social Circle, GA
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 13:45



Whether you are interested in a river trip or visiting a public fishing area, you most likely are looking for somewhere to launch a vessel.  Thanks to two new construction projects, boaters and anglers have a few new places to “set sail.”

“Thanks to efforts of such state agencies as Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Department of Natural Resources, anglers and boaters have improved and/or new access to both the Flint River and on Big Lazer Public Fishing Area/Wildlife Management Area,” says state boat ramp program coordinator Jeff Bishop. 

Flint River (Lee County): Hwy. 32 Bridge and Boat Ramp

The Flint River is a 344-mile long river reaching from southern Fulton County all the way south to Bainbridge and ultimately flowing in to Lake Seminole.  The lower Flint is characterized by limestone bluffs, blue hole springs, cypress-lined banks, islands and rocky shoals, and abundant fish and wildlife.  

Boaters and anglers utilizing the Hwy. 32 Bridge in Lee County will be pleased with the improvements made there by Georgia Department of Transportation.  As part of a larger bridge replacement project, crews also replaced the old log-style ramp with a new deeper ramp providing better river access at low flow.  Additionally, future plans include widening and paving the access road and parking area.

“Good, safe, public access on our waterways is the key to insuring that private property rights are protected while insuring that fisher folk and boaters/paddlers have the infrastructure they need to enjoy the public resource,” said Gordon Rogers, Executive Director of Flint Riverkeeper.  “Our Georgia rivers are so precious, so beautiful, so productive.  Improved access to the upper Flint at Big Lazer WMA, on the creek and the river, and on the lower Flint at GA Highway 32 are much-appreciated additions to the ways we are privileged to enjoy the Flint. They are both located amid some fine shoal bass fishing and paddling sections.  Hat’s off to the Georgia DNR and Georgia DOT for making this happen.”

Big Lazer Public Fishing Area/Wildlife Management Area (Talbot County)

Thanks to crews with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there is a new hand launch area and canoe steps available at Big Lazer WMA/PFA near Hickman Island.  These locations, located in Talbot County, provide access to the Flint River and to Big Lazer Creek.  With access to the Flint River having washed out decades ago at this WMA, this improvement will be most welcome by canoers, kayakers and anglers.

Additionally, there is a new five-vehicle parking area that also can serve as a hand launch area to the edge of Big Lazer Creek, located just a short distance away through a cleared path. 

As always, when boating and/or angling on the water, keep in mind the following river safety tips:
•    Always let someone know your plan (i.e. where you are going and when you will return)
•    Stay with your group
•    Wear a personal flotation device (life jacket)
•    Make a contingency plan – what will you do if something goes wrong?
•    Carry a charged cell phone 

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