Hunter Education

Take an Online Hunter Education Course

Currently, there are four online hunter education courses (with varying fees) that provide a convenient alternative to the 10-hour classroom course.  Once you complete an online course, you will need to attend a local, scheduled 2-hour review to complete course certification.  To find a 2-hour review course near you, search here for a class.

Alternately, there are FREE options for acquiring your hunter education certification including a classroom course and a CD-Rom (contact a Game Management or Law Enforcement office for a CD).    

Hunter Education Course and Age Requirements for Hunting

Find out if you need to complete a hunter education course to hunt in Georgia.

Search for a Hunter Education Class

Sign up for a free hunter education class today!

Replace Your Hunter Education Card

Hunter education cards can be reprinted for FREE right now. Click here to login to your account and reprint your card.

Hunter Safety Tips

Information on hunting safely: tree stand safety, firearms safety, muzzleloader safety and more.

The Complete Hunter Development Program

In an effort to provide a complete Hunter Education experience for the future outdoorsman in Georgia, we suggest an educational approach that involves participation on three separate levels.

NEW! Free Three Month Range Pass for New Hunter Education Graduates

Are you a recent Hunter Education graduate? When you pass the Hunter Education Course, your certification card now doubles as a FREE three month pass at any Department of Natural Resources shooting range. Most DNR ranges require a WMA license ($19) or other qualifying license to visit. Bring your certification card to the Range Safety Officer when you sign in and have free access to the range for three months after your graduation date.

How to Become a Hunter Education Instructor

Are you a hunter? Do you love mentoring children and others in the tradition of hunting?  Consider becoming a hunter education instructor. 

GHEA Conference Feb. 21-23, 2014

This year’s GHEA Conference is Feb. 21-23, 2014. The conference will, once again, be hosted at the beautiful Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Ga. Please contact Michael Sellers for more information

Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program anywhere in North America, the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is a “graduate studies” program in outdoor skills and safety training for young hunters. 

North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the world’s most successful. No other continent has conserved as many species of native wildlife as North America. This is due, in large part, to forward thinking by early conservationists who saw the need to conserve wildlife and their habitats. 

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