Peregrine Falcon Web Cam



The falcons nest cam, usually operational from early March through May, offers a high-definition look at peregrine falcons nesting on a SunTrust Plaza balcony more than 50 stories above Atlanta.

This year, however, the falcons switched balconies twice. They are nesting on a different balcony than where the camera is set up, and we will wait to move the camera until the egg or eggs hatch and the parent birds are less easily disturbed.

We appreciate the patience of falcon cam fans. Our hope is to begin streaming the nest and the young in early April. The egg or eggs, laid in early March, will take approximately 33-35 days to hatch. 

Peregrine falcons are the world's fastest animals, diving on prey at speeds reaching 200 mph. These raptors normally have their nest, or eyrie, on remote cliffs.

Their historical nesting range barely extended into Georgia because of lack of suitable nesting sites. However, peregrines -- on the rebound from a mid-1900s population crash linked to the insecticide DDT -- have found a substitute for cliffs: tall buildings and bridges! Many peregrines now nest on structures in urban areas. All known nests in Georgia are in metro Atlanta.

The SunTrust Plaza nest is in a large planter with small bushes. The site is ideal. The open balcony is too high for natural predators and the planter offers soft substrate and some protection from harsh weather.

Nesting usually begins in March. The young fledge by June or July.

First chick of 2013

In 2013, the pair at SunTrust began nesting in March. The first of their four eggs hatched April 11. A second egg hatched the next day. The other eggs didn't hatch.

The two young, both females, fledged on May 23 or May 24.

Watch a fledgling test her wings, and as one takes what may be her first flight. Other videos, including the young being banded, are available.

The falcon cam is operated by DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section and made possible by generous support from the law firm McKenna Long & AldridgeThe Environmental Resources Network (TERN), friends group of the Nongame Section; and the Garden Club of Georgia Inc.

When live, the stream is broadcast on Ustream. Help in setting up the camera was provided by IP Video Specialists/HDOnTap and staff at Georgia Outdoors, The Center for Conservation Biology and Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Falcon Cam Partners

McKenna Long & Aldridge:  The international law firm is the host of the nesting falcons and providesDNR critical support and access for the camera. Formed in 2002, McKenna Long & Aldridge is among the top 70 largest firms in the U.S., and has more than 575 attorneys and public policy advisors in 15 offices and 12 markets.

TERN: The Environmental Resources Network is a group of citizens sharing a common interest in wildlife conservation. TERN, formed in 1992, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and the friends group of the Nongame Conservation Section. TERN’s primary mission is to help financially support the Nongame Conservation Program and its conservation projects.

The Garden Club of Georgia Inc.: Founded in 1928, The Garden Club of Georgia promotes beautification, conservation and education. The club also provides annual scholarships for Georgia students pursuing environmentally related fields of study. Youth environmental education efforts are a strong focus, as well as many conservation outreach projects.

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