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Georgia Rare Species and Natural Community Data

Providing us with rare element data manually

Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division, Nongame Conservation Section relies on information gathered from a variety of sources to facilitate conservation efforts. You may be able to help provide such information. Do you know the location of an exemplary or relatively undisturbed natural community? Do you have site information for a particular rare species? If so, please contact the Nongame Conservation Section, Social Circle office (formally know as Georgia Natural Heritage Program). There are two "Observation / Collection Data Sheets" available for properly submitting data: plant data collection form and animal data collection form. The information you provide will be verified and incorporated into the database as appropriate.

If you will be sending us information for more than a few rare species locations, you may wish to submit the data as a spreadsheet or database table. Please see Providing EO Data Electronically for details.

Nongame Conservation Section receives some of its data from researchers who have obtained the proper permits from the GA-DNR Special Permits Unit (770-761-3044). The animal data collection form is also used by scientific collectors. This data facilitates protection and stewardship activities for the preservation of natural diversity within the state and is used extensively in environmental review, site selection and design, and conservation planning. Our files are updated constantly as new information is received.

A knowledgeable and active citizenry is the key to protecting our environment. The people of Georgia are the guardians of their own natural heritage and everyone's support is needed to ensure that this outstanding natural diversity is preserved for future generations. Information from scientific collections and the public is vital in ascertaining the distribution and relative rarity of animal species considered to be of "Special Concern."

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