State Wildlife Action Plan

State Wildlife Action Plan

To more proactively safeguard our state’s natural heritage, the Wildlife Resources Division developed a comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy - more simply known as the State Wildlife Action Plan or SWAP. This management plan outlines the steps needed to conserve wildlife and habitats before they become rarer and more costly to protect. Work started in December 2002 and incorporated years of research and data accumulated by DNR staff and other natural resource organizations. Funding came through a State Wildlife Grant, with matching funds from Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund. Creating a guide for the DNR and other conservation groups to follow proved a complex task, requiring input from several state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, land managers, various other stakeholders and the public. Approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in October 2005, Georgia’s wildlife conservation strategy is now dubbed the State Wildlife Action Plan, or SWAP.

The State Wildlife Action Plan is currently undergoing revisions. Read more about the upcoming changes here.


State Wildlife Grants

Established by Congress in 2000, this program helps prevent wildlife from declining to the point of being endangered. The goal: Keep common species common. Projects supported restore degraded habitat, reintroduce native wildlife, develop partnerships with private landowners, educate the public, and collect data to find out more about declining species. Georgia's State Wildlife Action Plan ensures that funds are spent wisely on actions to restore and enhance wildlife populations and habitat.

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