Academic Archery Program Available to Georgia NASP Students

Social Circle, GA
Monday, October 3, 2016 - 12:30



The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) is an in-school archery curriculum that meets all education department standards. In an effort to enhance the program, the NASP® Academic Archer program was developed, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).  

“The NASP® Academic Archer program allows a way to recognize participating students for their academic achievements through an incentive and recognition format,” says Jennifer Pittman, Hunting and Shooting Education Supervisor for WRD.  

In its first year, the NASP® Academic Archer program finished with more than 8,500 students enrolled. With new sponsor, Easton Technical Products - who manufacture the only approved NASP® arrow, on board, the Academic Archer program has its sights set on the enrollment of more than 50,000 students nationwide.  

How can you participate?

  • Now: Ensure your school currently participates with NASP®.
  • Now: Students must fully participate in an in-school NASP® archery class.
  • August-September: NASP® teachers/coaches receive information on the Academic Archer program.
  • September-April 15: NASP® teachers/coaches can enroll students and must monitor student progress. Registration/eligibility closes April 15. 

At the end of the eligibility period, April 15, names of academic archers will be provided to WRD, who will award each student with a certificate and shoulder patch. Students also are to be recognized by their school system at end-of-the-year awards/honors ceremonies. 


NASP® is an in-school archery curriculum that meets all education department standards. Only schools that are certified in NASP® through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources are qualified to compete in the Georgia Tournament. Schools in more than 100 counties in Georgia are NASP® certified.

The program promotes instruction in international-style target archery to improve educational performance and participation in shooting sports.  Research has shown that the program, administered through a minimum two-week course during the school year, improves class attendance and behavior. NASP® universal-fit bows make it possible for students of all sizes and genders to succeed in archery while raising self-esteem levels and improving hand-eye coordination during physical activity.

NASP® is taught in 47 states as well as 10 countries. To date, more than 10 million students have gone through the program.

For more information on NASP® in Georgia, visit or call (770) 761-3010.