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Practice Test Questions and Additional Challenge Information

Practice Test Questions and Additional Challenge Information


The archery component is comprised of 10 three-dimensional animal targets. Scoring will be based on the Archery Shooters Association scoring system. Largest circle = 8; next largest circle = 10; small, bottom circle inside the 10 ring = 12. This is to demonstrate the effective shot placement on an animal.

Air Rifle

The Air-rifle component is comprised of 10 shots at 10 yards. Shooters will shoot two shots at each approved position listed in Georgia's Hunter Education Guide Book, Today's Hunter. Shooters will then choose their preferred position, as listed in Today's Hunter, to shoot an additional two shots. Targets will be bull's-eye targets. Shots must be taken at the following positions: prone, standing, sitting, kneeling.

Safety Trail

The Safety Trail Challenge is comprised of 6 locations where participants have to decide if they can safely shoot. The maximum number of points for this challenge is 60. Participants will write "yes" or "no" on their score sheets. Some examples:

  • You are hunting hogs in February on a WMA. You are using a 30.30. Are you legal?
  • You see two black bears; one is a mother and the other a one-year-old cub. Can you shoot the mother bear during bear season?
  • You are on a WMA doe-only hunt. A doe is walking through the clearing and going back into the woods. A buck is in the clearing in between you and the doe. Should you make a shot on the doe?



The Orienteering component is comprised of six spots (flagged) that participants have to take bearings on and write down the degrees. Compasses are used for taking the bearings.

Wildlife Identification

The Wildlife Identification component is comprised of 20 items (hides, skulls, pictures, tracks, etc.) that participants have to identify. All animals are located in Georgia. It is important to know both game and nongame animals within the state as outdoorsmen and women. Practice identifying the animals, tracks or pelts in the photos below:


Responsibility Exam

The Responsibility Exam component is comprised of 30 questions participants have to answer. Try out some sample test questions below (True or False):

  1. The removal of ammunition from the magazine or removal of the magazine means the firearm is unloaded.
  2. In counties without antler restrictions, it is legal to take two spikes during deer season.
  3. All muzzle-loading firearms can be safely fired with smokeless powder.
  4. It is illegal to hunt within 200 yards, or within sight regardless of distance, of present bait.
  5. It is legal to shoot resident game birds with a shotgun that will hold more than three shells.
  6. A hunter must wear at least 500 square inches of orange when hunting during firearms season.
  7. A rock pile would be a good place to use as a backstop for shooting a rifle or pistol.
  8. You can legally take one female/hen turkey during turkey season.
  9. You must always use non-toxic shot when hunting waterfowl.
  10. A federal duck stamp is only required for out-of-state hunts.
  11. You can shoot songbirds if they are in the way while hunting doves.
  12. You can hunt a previously baited area if the bait has been completely removed for 5 days prior to the hunt.
  13. You can legally take up to 10 does and 2 bucks with your deer harvest record.


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