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Spotted Skunk Reporting Form

Skunks compared. Illustration by Sheri Amsel.Before reporting the sighting, please review this quick guide on identifying eastern spotted skunks (including Sheri Amsel's helpful illustrations).

  • Spotted skunks are smaller, 0.7-1.4 pounds and 18-23 inches long compared to striped skunks, which range from 2-11 pounds and 21-34 inches.
  • Pelage is typically dark black with four to six broken white stripes, which give the appearance of being spotted. Striped skunks have highly variable patterns but always have a narrow white stripe down the center of the face and usually have two broad white stripes that meet on the crown of the head and extend to the sides of the rump.
  • The tail of spotted skunks is white-tipped and bushy.
  • An upside-down, white triangle-shaped nose patch and narrow white stripe behind the eye are usually present on spotted skunks.

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Observation Information

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