Hunter Education Courses

The Georgia Hunter Education Course is available both online or as a classroom course.

Online Hunter Education Courses

Currently, there are four approved online hunter education courses (with varying fees) that provide a convenient alternative to the classroom course. 

Follow these steps to complete your hunter education certification completely online:

  • Locate or create a account.
  • Choose to take and complete any of the four online hunter education courses below.
  • After you pass your course, log into your account and print your new Georgia Hunter Safety Certificate. Having trouble printing your certificate? Please call 1-800-366-2661.


3-Step Certification

  1. Study the course FREE
  2. Pass the test
  3. Pay only AFTER you pass, $28.95 & print your certificate

Course Features

  • 9.5 Rating from Real Students
  • In-Site Customer Service
  • Desktop, Mobile or Tablet
  • The official material taught in a classroom course Ad

Why take your state-required hunter education course here?

  • Low cost: $13-lowest online cost for a narrated & interactive experience. No pass: no pay
  • Animations, closed captioning, narration and photos (not illustrations)
  • Sixth grade reading & comprehension level
  • Free e-book to assist Ad

Students of this course will learn how to be safe, responsible hunters. This course provides 24/7 toll free technical support, each page is narrated and you only pay when you pass. This course has a charge of $9.95. Ad

The Hunter Course class has:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Virtual Field Day to best prepare you for the field!
  • Full Narration
  • Full Illustration
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Visual Quiz Questions
  • One-time course fee of $29.00

Free Hunter Education Courses

Alternately, there are free options for acquiring your hunter education certification:

Classroom Course

This option provides in-person instruction of the Hunter Education course. Find and sign up for a class.

CD-Rom Course

Contact a Game Management or Law Enforcement office for a CD.

If you choose to complete your hunter education course using the CD-ROM, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Locate or Create a account.
  • Complete the CD-ROM course.
  • Email your Course Completion Certificate (from the CD-ROM program) to OR mail form to our office:
    Wildlife Resources Division
    ATTN: Hunter Education Coordinator
    2065 US Hwy 278 SE
    Social Circle, GA 30025

Additional Education Information & Opportunities

Free 3-Month Range Pass

Recent hunter ed grad? You have a free 3-month range pass! When you pass the Hunter Education Course, your certification card doubles as a free 3-month pass at any Department of Natural Resources shooting range.

Free Tree Stand Safety Course

If you hunt from a tree stand, please take the time to take a 15-minute free tree stand safety course. This course is offered by HunterCourse.

Bowhunter Education Course

Georgia hunters who wish to improve their bowhunting safety knowledge or are hunting in a state that requires bowhunter education now have the opportunity to complete bowhunter education online. Though bowhunter education in not required in Georgia, it is required in several states. Take the online bowhunter education course.

Driver's License Requirement 

Hunters age 16 and older must have a hunting license to hunt, unless they are resident hunters hunting either on their own land or lands of an immediate family member (see definition of immediate family member). If born on or after January 1, 1962, they must also have completed a Hunter Education Course. If a resident youth does not yet have a state-issued Driver’s License, they will need a State of Georgia ID issued by the Department of Driver Services or a Georgia Instructional Permit in order to purchase their hunting license.

Currently, there are four approved online hunter education courses (with varying fees) that provide a convenient alternative to the classroom course.