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Georgia River Fishing Information
Savannah River (downstream of New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam)

Flows in the Savannah River below Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam are heavily influenced by releases from Clarks Hill (Strom Thurmond) Dam. Fishing is usually best when river levels drop within 5-6 feet on the USGS flow gauge at Clyo. Check local forecasts for river stage information. Many anglers find that numerous oxbow lakes along the river provide excellent fishing opportunities.

Prospects and Fishing Tips
Best Bets
Largemouth bass
Prospect The largemouth bass population continues to be healthy in this system. The river has fully recovered from drought conditions and river levels have been very conducive to good largemouth growth and reproduction over the last two years. Fishing should be good this spring as water temperatures rise. Look for bites to improve in February as fish prepare to spawn.
Technique Artificial lures (plastic worms, etc.) are productive around creek mouths. Oxbows are also excellent areas when flooded.
Target Large numbers of fish can be found in the upper estuary during the fall and around structure in slower moving waters throughout the river system for the majority of the year.
Striped Bass
Prospect Since 2005, stripers greater than 27 inches have been open to harvest (daily limit: 2). The number of striped bass and the number of legal-size fish have rebounded thanks to the stocking program that began in the 90s. Twenty pounders are common, and the occasional 40 to 50-pound fish is reported.
Technique Live bait, particularly blueback herring, are highly productive when fished in a free-lined fashion. Artificial baits, including bucktails, topwaters and large jigs, are also very effective when fished around structure (i.e. bridge pilings, submerged trees, water diverters, etc.).
Target Striped bass seasonally migrate upstream and downstream. Fish tend to be concentrated in areas slightly below the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam from April through June. These fish also become concentrated in estuarine areas near Savannah from November through March.
Prospect Fishing for catfish is excellent in the Savannah. Large numbers of white and channel catfish are present. Flathead catfish are also now present in the Savannah. Flathead numbers are relatively low when compared to the other species but the population appears to be growing and expanding to nearly all areas of the river. If flathead catfish are captured, please harvest them as this is considered an invasive species in this system.
Technique Typical catfish bait (worms, cut-bait, etc.) fished near the bottom of the river in relatively deep holes will produce good results. Target deep swift-flowing water along the last third of an outside bend. During the day, try fishing outside bends. At night, fish shallow bars and flats where bait fish congregate.
Target Catfish are well-distributed throughout the river, however larger numbers of white catfish are typically found in the upper estuary (Interstate 95 crossing). The highest capture rates for flathead catfish have been in areas of the river near Yuchi Wildlife Management Area.
Prospect Bluegill and redear sunfish are abundant. Redbreast and other sunfish also are present, but not as plentiful.
Technique Crickets and worms fished under a bobber are effective live bait techniques. For artificial lures, consider small beetle spins, rooster tails and popping bugs.
Target Bluegill are plentiful in backwaters and slower moving sections of the main channel and redear sunfish are often found over submerged sandbars.
Best Fishing Times Key
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