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Georgia Reservoir Fishing Information
Hamburg Lake

Hamburg Lake is a 225-acre reservoir located 15 miles north of Sandersville on the Little Ogeechee River at Hamburg State Park. The lake is stumpy, so only boats powered with trolling motors or outboards up to 10 horsepower are allowed. The bass, jackfish and shellcracker fishing opportunities make the trip to this quiet area in Washington County worthwhile.

Contact Information

Hamburg State Park:  ph. 478-552-2393

Prospects and Fishing Tips
Best Bets
Largemouth bass
Prospect Sampling efforts indicate numerous quality-sized largemouth. Many 2-3 pound bass should be caught, with some weighing in at 5 or more pounds. image
Technique Spinner baits and plastic worms on points and next to standing timber. During calm spring and fall days, utilize surface plugs. In winter, jerking spoons along the riverbed should land large size bass.
Target Navigate through the stumps to the back of the lake for some great fall action.
Prospect Annual stockings since 2007 quickly made channel catfish one of the most sought after fish in the lake. Catfish in the 1-5 pound range bite spring through fall. image
Technique Chicken livers and worms work best.
Target Look to creek channels and deep coves in the summer and fall.
Prospect Expect redear sunfish to be around 1/2 pound. April through early May is the best time to hit the water. Georgia WRD started a supplemental redear sunfish stocking program in 2014 that will substantially improve the catch beginning in 2016. Bluegills are generally smaller, though many hand-size ones will be caught in the spring. image
Technique Crickets, worms, grubs and spinners are recommended.
Target While at Hamburg, try the area just below the dam on the Little Ogeechee River for redbreast sunfish.
Prospect Fishing is best in the spring, but good fish and numbers are caught pre-spawn as well. Catches will average 1/2 pound with bigger catches weighing in around 2 pounds. image
Technique Cast to the banks with jigs and minnows in the spring. At other times of the year, slowly troll or drift along the old riverbed and cast to standing timber.
Target Target areas where park staff have sunk 50+ Christmas trees over the past two years.
Prospect Chain pickerel (a.k.a jackfish) are available and, though not typically targeted, they are sure to grab your attention when they strike.
Technique Variety of weedless lures and surface plugs work best. A wobbling spoon with trailing pork rind, plastic lizards and hollow-faced chugger type surface plugs are good bets. According to locals, jackfish aggressively attack anything red.
Target Look to areas of vegetation and stumps.
Best Fishing Times Key
Excellent:   image     Good:   image   Fair:   image

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