Georgia Reservoir Fishing Information
Bartlett's Ferry Lake

The Georgia Power Company operates this 5,850-acre reservoir (a.k.a. Lake Harding) on the Chattahoochee River along the Georgia-Alabama border just above Goat Rock Lake. The lake offers many boat docks and piers that provide good structure for concentrating fish.  Anglers will find two available boat ramps on the Georgia side - one at Idle Hour Park and one at Blanton Creek Park.

Contact Information

Georgia Power:  ph. 706-317-6041

Prospects and Fishing Tips
Best Bets
Largemouth bass
Prospect Largemouth bass abundance has been steady or slightly increasing over the last few years. Under half of the population is greater than 12 inches but fish greater than 15 inches are fairly common. The average catch weight of the larger fish is 1 - 1 1/2 pounds. image
Technique For spring spawning fish try shallow crankbaits, plastic worms and spinners. In warmer months, fish deeper crankbaits and worms. And during winter fishing, try deep-running plugs, jigs and worms.
Target Boat docks and fishing piers are popular areas to target largemouths. Also target rocky points and underwater humps. The peak time for largemouth fishing is from early March through May, when water temps are in the 60s. In fall, fish further up the lake, above Georgia Power's Blanton Creek Park.
Spotted bass
Prospect The spotted bass fishery is under utilized and anglers are encouraged to take spotted bass home for a meal due to the lack of a minimum size restriction. The average spot will be 6-11 inches and weigh just under a 1/2 pound. image
Technique Jigs and plastic worms work well for spots. Also, live bait like night crawlers, crayfish and minnows.
Target During the spring, target rocky points in deeper water. Boat docks are good places for spots to hide in the summer and they tend to hold to structure like blow downs and woody debris year-round.
Hybrid Bass
Prospect Hybrids are still available for catch even without stocking them in the lake. Because of the restocking of hybrids in West Point, hybrids pass downstream into the lake. This movement downstream ensures hybrids will be available. Most hybrids should be at least 17 inches long and weigh around 3 pounds.
Technique Spoons, curly-tail jigs, and live shad work well.
Target For good fishing action in early spring, target just below the Riverview dam area (a.k.a. Crow Hop) during normal flows. For summer and winter months, try lake wide fishing especially in the area near the dam.
Striped Bass
Prospect Experienced anglers can find stripers exceeding 20 pounds. However, most stripers will be in the 14 to 20 inch range and weigh 3 to 4 pounds. image
Technique Spoons and popping corks with trailing jigs. Also, try bucktail jigs and live shad.
Target Look to the dam during the winter and upstream to Riverview Dam in early spring during spawning runs. During summer and fall, the target extends to lakewide as they school after young-of-the-year shad near the surface. Also target immediately below Riverview dam during periods of power generation at West Point.
Prospect Fishing for catfish is considered good to excellent year-round. Average channel cats weigh 2-4 pounds, but 8-10 pound catches are possible. image
Technique Big cats like stink and cut baits. Live bait like worms and minnows also are effective.
Target Fish bait on or near the bottom. After a big rain, try tributary mouths where muddy water enters the lake. Also, night fishing in the hot months works well.
Prospect Bartlett's maintains an excellent black crappie population. The number of stocked size fish has increased in the last two years, which shows good reproduction. Most of the fish are less than 10 inches, though larger slabs are abundant. image
Technique Trolling with jigs at different depths to locate schools of crappie is effective. Minnows also can provide excellent results.
Target From early February through April, target fish on structure and the upper end of the lake below Riverview dam. Later in the year, target the lower end of the lake, where hundreds of cypress and Tupelo trees have been planted both as fish habitat and as shallow area markings for boaters.
Other Species
Prospect Though not known for bream fishing, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, and shellcrackers are all available. Bluegill average 5 inches and only 3-5 ounces. Redear sunfish generally grow to 1/3 to 1/2 pound. Few white bass are available and average around 1 pound. Bartlett's Ferry also maintains a good white crappie population.
Technique Red wigglers and crickets work well on bream.
Target In spring, fish bream beds in shallow water areas in protected coves and tributaries. Target bluegill and shellcrackers around docks and piers during the summer.
Additional Information
Boating can be hazardous during low flows at the upper end of the lake.

Blanton Creek WMA borders much of the upper Georgia side of the lake. Georgia Power operates Blanton Creek Park, which has an additional ramp and camping. However, Blanton Creek is a seasonal park and not open in the winter months (see Georgia Power's link under 'Contact Information, above for more details).

Generating schedules and lake level information is available by calling 706-317-6000.
Best Fishing Times Key
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