Hunt and Learn Workshops


How do you find out what the "next step" is as a beginner hunter?  The Hunt and Learn Program is a great "next step!" This program is for youth and their parent/guardians who may not have come from a hunting background. 
Youth and their parent/guardian are encouraged to participate in these events to learn about the game they are hunting, learn proper types of hunting, learn game care once harvested and learn the biology and habits of the various game. 
Hunts are held across the state with outfitters who have greatly discounted their hunting rates to allow youth a low cost hunt.  Youth must have successfully completed Hunter Education and adults must possess the required hunting licenses for the chosen hunt.
Participants must follow the level requirements (see below) to ensure safety and proper hunting ethics when hunting different game species. These participation levels advance as the youth becomes more proficient.  
For more information, contact the Hunter Development Program at 770.388.0045.  To inquire about a certain hunt, please contact the shooting sports coordinator organizing the hunt.  


  • More Events Coming soon!

There are additional Hunt & Learn Opportunities that take place at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center.

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