Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

Who Was Charlie Elliott?

"Whatever your reason for being there, the outdoors is a world apart, a creation unique with its own colors, its special music, and its matchless variety of fragrance. No human paint brush could ever duplicate its beauty, no musical instrument its blended symphonies, and there is no way to match its fragrance with chemicals."

-Charlie Elliott

Charles Newton Elliott (1906-2000) lived in Covington, Georgia and served as the first Director of Georgia State Parks in 1937-38. He became the Commissioner of Natural Resources in 1938-41 then was the first Director of the Game and Fish Commission (now known as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division) in 1943-49. Elliott also was Southeastern Field Editor for Outdoor Life magazine from 1950 until his passing. His dedication to the conservation of the natural world and wildlife was evident to those who knew him personally and those who read his many writings.