Steering A PWC

Ignition Safety Switches

All PWC come equipped with an emergency ignition safety switch which is designed to shut the engine down if the operator is thrown from the proper operating position.

PWC Ignition Safety SwitchThe ignition safety switch works by attaching a lanyard between the operator and the switch. If the lanyard is removed from the switch, then the engine will shut off. If your PWC does not come equipped with an ignition safety switch, you should have one installed. It is illegal to ride your PWC without attaching the lanyard properly between the switch and yourself.

If your PWC is not equipped with an ignition safety switch...

PWC without ignition safety switches must be designed to encircle the operator if he or she falls off. The engine will run at idle speed while the PWC slowly circles so that the operator can board as it circles. Be sure that the idle speed is always set correctly., Used by Permission, Copyright © 2000 by

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